ThunderCats Season 3 Episode 14
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ThunderCats Season 3 Episode 14

ThunderCats Season 3 Episode 14

On Thundera, Mumm-Ra creates the Locket of Lies and has Mu-Mutt plant it in the Valley of the Snarfs. Eggbert and Oswald Snarf find the locket and contact the Thundercats about it. When communications break up, the Thundercats (Lion-O, Cheetara, Panthro, Tygra) go to Thundera to see the Locket. When they arrive, the Locket leads them to a place in front of an old building. But the ground they are standing on gives way and they are trapped in a well. Mumm-Ra shows up and tells them not to try to escape, but the Thundercats try anyway. The walls start closing on them, and all their efforts to stop the walls fail. Finally, Lion-O uses the Eye of Thundera and the Cat Signal to push through the wall, and they all escape

Views: 12

Serie: ThunderCats

Episode Title: Locket of Lies

Air Date: 1988-09-22