ThunderCats Season 1 Episode 36
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ThunderCats Season 1 Episode 36

ThunderCats Season 1 Episode 36

Wilykit and Kat find an ancient harp that has a genie in it. His name is Charr-Nin. Mumm-Ra appears to the genie and tells him that if he destroys the Thundercats, he will be freed from his eternal prison in the harp. Foolishly, Char-Nin agrees, and begins trapping the Thundercats in his harp one by one. Mumm-Ra’s plan works, and he betrays Charr-Nin. During their arguing, the Thundercats manage to escape, leaving Mumm-Ra and Charr-Nin battling beneath the earth

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Serie: ThunderCats

Episode Title: The Evil Harp of Charr-Nin

Air Date: 1985-11-11