Family Matters Season 7 Episode 17
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Family Matters Season 7 Episode 17

Family Matters Season 7 Episode 17

At a recital, Eddie and Greta’s pas de deux from ””Swan Lake”” in interrupted by an ungly duckling from down south – Myrtle Urkel. Harriette, feeling dowdy, gives herself a makeover, while Eddie reluctantly enrolls in ballet lessons to improve his basketball skills. When he and his girlfriend, Greta, perform a famous ballet with the class, Myrtle Urkel arrives and takes Greta’s place – both on and off the stage. Meanwhile, Harriette becomes depressed when Laura’s boyfriend, Curtis, thinks that she is Laura’s grandmother. She begins dressing like Tina Turner but finally comes to terms with being comfortable with her age.

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Serie: Family Matters


Episode Title: Swine Lake

Air Date: 1996-02-16