Family Matters Season 7 Episode 15
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Family Matters Season 7 Episode 15

Family Matters Season 7 Episode 15

Teamwork and the transformation chamber give Carl and Urkel an advantage in fighting off gang members looking to ransack the police warehouse. After Steve causes havoc with yet another of his inventions, Carl forces him to bring all of his scientific equipment to a police warehouse that night. While they’re there, three hoodlums break in, tie Carl and Steve up and start robbing the place. Steve convinces them to let him demonstrate his transformation machine before they steal it, and he transforms Carl and himself into karate experts. A huge fight ensues, and Carl and Steve defeat the criminals. Carl gratefully allows Steve to move his equipment back to the house. Meanwhile, knowing that Harriette will object, Laura gets a nose ring without telling her. Harriette furiously tells her it’s not the ring she minds but the fact that Laura did not ask permission. Laura reveals that it’s a fake ring and says that she is now asking permission for a real one since it’s okay with Harriette. Harr

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Serie: Family Matters

Episode Title: Random Acts of Science

Air Date: 1996-02-02