Family Matters Season 4 Episode 21
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Family Matters Season 4 Episode 21

Family Matters Season 4 Episode 21

Laura has never been thought of as a wild and crazy gal. Rather, a white-bread, cut from her family’s cloth Miss Goody Two-Shoes. So, giving into peer pressure and armed with fake ID’s, Laura and her friends Maxine and K.C. go to Club Buff, a male strip club with a female clientile. Urkel gets wind of this and is sworn to secrecy … until he finds out that Estelle, Harriet and Rachel are planning a night out – at the very same Club Buff. Urkel dashes down to the club to warn Laura and her friends. But the club owner mistakes him for one of the scheduled performers and herds him on-stage. Urkel actually improvises part of an act, before he makes an impassioned speech and then warns Laura that right across the room sit her mother, aunt and grandmother. An embarassed Harriet takes an even more embarassed Laura home.

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Serie: Family Matters

Episode Title: Walk on the Wild Side

Air Date: 1993-03-26