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123Movies was a popular online movie streaming service that was loved by the masses worldwide. However, it was shut down in March 2018 on foot of a criminal investigation in Vietnam as it resulted in copyright infringement.

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) stated in an update that the closure of 123Movies and its associated websites like 123movies hub, GoMovies, and so on was a necessary development in combatting illegal film privacy.

Nevertheless, the website of 123Movies soon re-emerged, not through the official site but via various clones and mirrors. They resemble the original one exceedingly closely and have similar features, content, and looks. The Governments of numerous countries have tried to shut them down. However, a colossal number of them remain on the online platform.

123Movies Mirror Websites and URL in 2021

Although the Governments had set out to eradicate 123Movies and all correlated websites due to their illegal movie presentation, they had only managed to shut down a few since March 2018. Several clones of 123Movies are still active all over the world. Thus, MPAA has not been successful in its complete closure. It is primarily because the website keeps changing its domain name.

Initially, the site linked itself to the URL of “” However, after its emergence that followed its termination, the active domains changed.

What Do the Clone Websites of 123Movies Offer?

All of 123Movies clone websites are similar to the original one. They offer and provide the same content as the official in the form of mirror websites. Hence, movie streaming, akin to what one did on 123Movies, is possible on all these sites.

Overall, the clones and mirrors of the official website of 123Movies proffer to their users the following:

  • Top-quality and HD movies
  • Recent hits and older films
  • Easy to use and handle interface and platform
  • Daily updated content
  • Children-safe advertisements and pop-ups
  • Movies of different and varied origin, language, and genre

Some Aspects of 123Movies Clones and Mirror Websites

In recent times, several mirror websites and clones of 123Movies have appeared. All over the world, people are using them extensively. Nevertheless, since everything has its pros and cons, these sites also have their downsides.

The primary drawback lies in the fact that anyone can own a clone website. Hence, it can result in and lead to hacking and spying of user data and devices, fraudulent acts, and the spread of harmful malware and viruses. Protection Against the Dangers of 123Movies Clones and Mirror Websites

For a safe and secured online streaming of movies using the clones and mirror websites of 123Movies, it is imperative to take appropriate steps and measures against all the dangers that lie beyond the screen. As such, viewers and users must ensure the application of antivirus software and a VPN (Virtual Private Network) when watching films via these sites.

As suggestive of the name, most antivirus software restricts and prevents viruses and malware from entering the user’s device. The powerful ones can act on almost all of the spyware and Trojans. On the other hand, a VPN keeps the viewers’ information private by protecting their IP addresses. They help the users stay anonymous while streaming.